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Friday, 14 February 2020

Top five Mobile App Development agencies in Bangalore

Technological innovations and advancements have taken our lives to the next stage, especially right after the invention of smartphones. Each and every day we are dependent on our smart applications to make daily tasks easy and convenient.

Best mobile app development company Bangalore
Best mobile app development company Bangalore

Bangalore is firmly known as the silicon valley of India as it has one of the finest IT hubs of the country. The city has the most creative and innovative experts in the country. From over 500 Fortune companies to It giants, startups, unicorns reside in Bangalore. And 99% out of them requires a mobile application for its day to day operations. This paves the way for the top mobile app development agencies to get into the mainstream.

There are hundreds of companies in Bangalore which proclaims to be the best mobile app development company in Bangalore while some have complete knowledge and skillsets about the industry. So it is a very challenging task for the entrepreneurs to find out the best and genuine app developers of the country. So to get you out of the confusion B2C Info Solutions bring the top five mobile app development companies in Bangalore.

So let's start

List of Top Five app development agencies of Bangalore

1. B2C Info Solutions

B2c Info Solutions is an award-winning mobile app development company in Bangalore with operations in the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand and has offices across major cities of the globe. It is a premium digital technology company that provides end to end product engineering services. We bring the best design experience, cutting edge technology to build disruptive web and mobile applications and enable digital transformation. Various service mastered by the company include Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, E-Commerce, SAP Consulting, Hire Dedicated Resources, and Digital Transformation Consulting

2. Fusion Informatics

It is one of the best app development companies in Bangalore imparting its services across India, UAE, and the USA. The company has 18 years of work experience and has developed over 1000+ applications. The company is a reliable and trusted mobile app development organization in the country. Fusion informatics was found in 200. They have expertise in mobile app development, IOS Development and Android app development, blockchain, and artificial intelligence solutions.

3. Openxcell

Openxcell is a NewYork based leading mobile app development company with offices in the US and India that are based out of the state of Gujarat. The company was set up in the year 2008 with the objective of giving expertise in providing new products, high-end services, and website technologies. The company has an overall 10 years of experience in providing a range of mobile app development services and e-commerce development services.

4. Smarther 

It is a leading technology mobile app and web development company based out of Chennai. The company was founded in 2011 and has managed to develop more than 200+ multiple projects of mobile applications. The company has evolved apps for diverse business verticals such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, real estate and more.

5. Hyperlink Infosystems

Hyperlink info systems are the top mobile app development company located in Ahmadabad. It was founded in 2011. Hyperlink info solutions are expertise in custom mobile development (for both android and IOS app development) to various sectors. The company has a very talented team of app developers and constructs cost-effective projects. The company provides services for mobile apps, web and e-commerce development, mobile gaming and ERP Consulting, SI, IT Strategy Consulting.

Why B2C Info Solutions?

We have a team of experienced professionals, we craft the best mobile applications and web development services in Bangalore and other major cities around the globe. Now with over 7 years of working experience, we bring the best quality web and digital services to our clients. 

Excited if you are having any requirements or queries then contact us at

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Thursday, 6 February 2020

Which is the best Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore?

Bangalore is known as the IT (Information Technology) city of the country.  This is confirmed due to the rising station of Bangalore for technologies and innovations. As per the recent statistics, the city compiles almost 45 percent of the total IT supply and around half a million IT experts in the country.

As the city silicon valley, Many best mobile app development companies were commenced and upgraded their technologies to serve the customers and provide the best possible results.  As of now, mobile application is attracting more and number of companies as it helps companies to reach the number of customers and maximize their sales.

As explained above, mobile applications have become an integral part of everybody's lives where most of the users prefer applications like Zomato, Swiggy rather than going to the restaurant.  Smartphones have now become the most important part of our lives as it supports our own follow-ups and reminders.  

Smartphones are not restricted to calls and messages they have become an integral part of our lives  so an application for business has become the utmost need for the businesses to transform it through a simple interface and easy conversion with the customers.

What is the role of mobile application in transforming your business?

Mobile apps helps in a number of ways that will help users to access information, communicate and make easy payments. So to get successful in-app business, firms must hire best mobile app development company so that it will build a user-friendly app which is suitable for your business, increases the number of customers and build customer loyalty.

The best mobile development company in Bangalore will try to follow high-quality standards and latest technologies to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. So to achieve all the desired goals and objectives, choose the right app development company in Bangalore.

How to select the best mobile development company in Bangalore?

In this competitive world, it is very hard to select the best mobile app development company in Bangalore as every company proclaims they are the best and provides quality services. so to sort these the following are some of the points which should be kept in mind before hiring any company.

1. Check the company's portfolio

2. Ask for client feedbacks

3. Check their performance in the challenging platform

Top  Mobile Application development companies in Bangalore

The following is the list of top mobile app development companies in Bangalore which  helps the business to reach its goals and customers.

1. A bin soft

The company has the best team of experts and it believes growing with the power of technology. It focuses on creativity, perfection they build an application for the companies that needs to become more active, effective and productive.

They have a deep industry domain expertise and a qualified team of technologists. They aim to provide, flexible performance methodology and cost-effective services to the customers helping their organizational goals.

2. Fusion Informatics

It is one of the companies in Bangalore which support startups, small and corporate enterprise and promises business to create and develop user-friendly both IOS and android applications.  The company was established in 200 and has developed 100 + apps for 34+ companies.  The company considers using the latest technology available with the highest honesty and is available whenever the client requires help.

3. Mobinius

 The company's strength lies inactive and massive tea, developing a unique blend of creativity with highly experienced IT experts.  The aim of the company to provide result-oriented apps and solutions to the customers.  They develop all types of applications for the businesses be it IOS and android.

4. G2 Evolution

It is one of established mobile development companies in Bangalore  offers effective and efficient applications for business projects and offers best services when it comes to developing IOS based applications.

5.  Bmsils

It is an emerging and growing mobile application development and web development company which has provided its quality services to the clients worldwide. They have a team of highly experienced team members and the company is listed as one of the best mobile app development company in Bangalore.

I hope this blog has provided you all the relevant information regarding the best mobile app development company in Bangalore if you still have any query then feel free to connect with us in the comments the section below or mail us the same at

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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Swiggy and Zomato?

Among the fast-growing and expanding businesses is that the hospitality industry is restaurants. A restaurant is a place where people can finish their hunger. With the increased demand for tasty and delicious food more and more restaurants are coming up every day which resulted in the opening of new restaurants. Now with the innovation in technology, customers have more easy ways to find the best cuisines on the table. This led to the introduction of online food applications like Zomato and Swiggy.

Swiggy and Zomato has found themselves to the top of the mountain helping customers to find their favorite and delicious foods and drinks. These applications have been successfully running now for over a decade. These apps have been able to meet customer expectations due to its quality services. You can also enhance your business and can increase sales by developing a food finder application like Zomato and Swiggy.

To develop a successful food finder app like Zomato and Swiggy, this article gives all the insights highlighting features to include in the application and their development hours. This will also discuss the factors will determine the cost of the food delivery application. Before we move to the development costs of the food delivery app. Here are some components of clone applications like Zomato and Swiggy.

Components of Zomato Clone App development

All the food provider application has mainly four components. These include:

1. Customer side

2. Delivery side

3. admin side

4. Restaurant side

These are the components that make an application successful. These components are discussed below in detail:

1. Customer Side

When the customers will log in, they will able to see on their screen all the things in the application. This includes searching for restaurants, ordering food, booking, paying for the orders and reviews of the restaurants.

2. Application for Delivery boys

The delivery makes sure that food is delivered of the ordered safely and timely. The delivery module will track all the orders from the customers. This will include several things like:

- Checking of orders

This allows the delivery boy to keep a track of all the orders and their time of delivery. It also includes the Pending and completed orders. This requires proper planning.

- Acceptance or rejection of orders

This is an essential feature allows delivery boys to accept and reject orders. The delivery boys can reject the orders which cannot be completed in case of emergencies or orders that are placed in past working time

- History of delivery

This allows the delivery person to track all the orders after some time. This is can be checked monthly and weekly.

- Calling to customers

If the address details are not enough for delivery boys, they can call the customers for address verification.

- Navigation and E-sign page

Through Google maps, delivery boys can trace the location and customers can sign for the confirmation of their order.

3. Restaurant Side-  The user side of the application for the restaurant owners include customer profile and request. In most of the delivery apps, customers share the majority of the app features.

4. Admin side- The admin panel  is used to manage the entire uses of the application includes the customer interface of the application

After learning about the basic components of a food delivery app. Below are the elements which make application effective and it is a time taking process.

Development hours and Food delivery app development features

1. Access Control Page-  A food delivery application should have an easy-access page in through which they can sign up by entering email ID, mobile number or using OTP.

In setting the access to control panel, it takes around 60-70 hours

Homepage- This is the first page that users will see once they login to the application. the following are features on the homepage of the food delivery application.

- Details of the Restaurant-  This should include all the essential information about the restaurant. This should include the name, address of the restaurant, operating time and menu of the restaurant.

- Ratings and Reviews -  This should include ratings of delivery boys and restaurant owners.

- User Profile- This includes user profile and list of favorite dishes and restaurants. This will save the time of the user's in searching the time.

Advanced features in the application

The following are the features that make a bigger chunk of the app development.

Geolocation and Map facility-  Geo-location features help the customers to search within the restaurants. The search should be based on keywords.

The Menu with proper price details-  The users can find the menu and corresponding price details with proper prices and other important information.

The Booking and Order Facility-  Food delivery applications like Zomato/swiggy allows customers to book the table in advance. This can be done to avoid the full packed restaurants and waiting time.

App payment-  Another important feature in the app is the payment gateway. The applications should include several payment options like Paytm, Phone Pe, Pay pal and other major payment options

The advanced features for the food delivery will take around 100-160 hours for its completion.

App interaction and messaging

1. Push up notification-  The application should include push up notification and there should be the messaging platform that should notify the targeted audience based on the existing offers.

2. Managing online orders-  To ensure the smooth running of the business. you should maintain a database which names of the customers, delivery address, date and time

3. Social Media Interaction-  The application should allow connection to social media websites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Through the restaurant owners can display the best cuisine using photos and videos. 

Admin page- This section includes that controls all the user data of the application. other functions of the page include:

1. Usage analytics

2. cash report

3. Reporting

In total, 400 hours is taken for app development

Key factors that determine the cost of food delivery application

1. Application size

2.Design of the application

3. Platform

4. App development team                    

On an average the cost of developing food delivery app is somewhere in between INR 80,000 to 150,000

Monday, 27 January 2020

How to find the Best Iphone App Development Company in India

The iPhone/I pads and other Apple devices have attracted the number of users worldwide. As of 2016,  the company has managed billions of applications on the app store.   Apple is undoubtedly the brand when it comes to electronic brands such as mobile phones etc which has managed the app development industry itself.  

Now with the launch of digital India, there are apps everywhere so every business needs to hire the best iPhone application development in India and android app development companies in Bangalore.  for increasing its sales, customers reach for other requirements. The IOS7 has seen the biggest upgrade of the world and apple has paid billions of dollars to the app developers.

How we develop top powerful IOS Application to increase your business performance?

Being one of the top IOS app development company of Bangalore, we develop powerfully applications to increase the performance of the business.  before developing an application, we conduct research on the objective of application developers in the IT hub of the country which is Bangalore.

Our IOS App development services
1. I phone app development
2. I phone web development
3. I pad apps development
4. I pad web development

Advanced techniques to develop user-friendly IOS Applications:

We at B2C Info solutions is an awarding company based aims to develop the best user-friendly application for both IOS and android.    We have designed and developed many applications for android. We build our just inspiring graphics but also with a powerful user interface.  But we suggest clients opt IOS  applications for their businesses due to excellent performance and  Unique Benefits. 

Unique benefits of our IOS Application development

The following are the features which make us top of the table:
1. High quality
2. Eye-catching.
3. User-friendly UX
4. Rich in features
5. Top performance

Contact us if you want to develop an IOS or Android mobile applications to increase your business's performance and customer reach than you can contact on info@ 

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Top 10 E-commerce Mobile App Development Companies

Every business needs more and more clients or consumers and to get them they are always ready to materialize different tactics. Exaggerating consumer experience is one of the most trending and impactful practice these days that brand utilizing.
In acquiring new consumers, marketing is creating its own impact but still, at the backend, every business should be prepared and continuously improve its consumer experiences.
And for improving consumer experience you need to have an absolutely excellent e-commerce mobile app for your e-commerce the platform, which can elegantly handle your consumers.
Top 10 E-commerce Mobile App Development Companies
Top 10 E-commerce Mobile App Development Companies
Ecommerce mobile app development the company can help you improve your consumer experience.

B2c Info Solutions

The company consists of a team of experts who are skilled Android developers.
With deep knowledge and strong analytical the approach in android software development, android native development KIT (ANDK) and Android Emulator.
The company aims to develop groundbreaking mobility solutions with a unique and data-centric approach.
B2C Info Solutions always take new challenges that make the company stand out between its competitors and help your business to glorify your mobile application.
1. Swag Soft
By AppFutura Swag Soft has been featured as a Top App Developer in Singapore 2019.
providing a comprehensive mobile app development services Swag Soft is a leading App developer for startups and companies around the globe since 2009. The company possesses an expert team of e-commerce app developers, who develop your app, based upon your requirements.
The companies possess the past clients includes representatives of the world-famous companies such as Samsung, BMW, and Toyota, etc.
With more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce app development, Swag Soft is one of the top e-commerce app development company.
2. Web Crayons Biz
They provide mobile app development, website development, graphic design, and marketing services for companies across various industries.
The company has many hands on the deck, the company possesses the talents who can deliver tailor-made and outstanding solutions for your e-commerce mobile apps need that could increase, help businesses to convert sales.
Web Crayons Biz also comprises skilled marketing specialists too, which can help you market your e-commerce platform too.
3. Systematix Infotech
The company Systematix Infotech possesses e-Commerce app development with systematic Infotech solutions that enable them to create outstanding mobile shopping experiences. That adds value to a business and take it to new heights.
Chatbots, business intelligence, and data science are the added expertise of the along with the company along with the mobile app development since 2005.
The presence of 200 experts in the company let the company crafting mobile applications that beat the competition in the app store.
4. Affle Enterprise
In Singapore, Affle Enterprise is a mobile application development company that delivers high-quality e-commerce apps.
Affle Enterprise offers a wide range of mobile app development services, as Affle Enterprise of the most prominent enterprise in the industry. The company gives time on analysis, design, and then executes its plan development of the app to give 100 percent of quality work.
By creating intuitive technology the company connects businesses with their customers which increases the number of conversions that drives growth.
5. Tigran E-commerce Solutions
Tigran E-Commerce Solutions is a top e-Commerce development company in Singapore.
The prominent mobile app experiences for e-Commerce is being delivered by the  company Since 2012,
The company has implemented hundreds of small to large projects, with years of experience in e-Commerce development and is successful in meeting all the requirements of clients globally.
Tigran E-Commerce Solutions provide services such as Magento website design, Magento 2 migration,  and Magento website optimization, etc besides e-commerce app development services.
6. Tvisha Technologies
Tvisha Technologies is founded by a group of experienced engineering professionals in 2002, It has grown as a digital product development company.
Tvisha Technologies consists of nearly 100+ crazy and dynamic experts on board.
Besides e-commerce app development services, Tvisha offers cloud computing, UX design, UI design, CRM services, Blockchain app development, custom software development, etc.
7. To Wrap It Up
Are you among those Singaporean entrepreneurs who are facing an issue in choosing the best e-commerce mobile app development company?
If yes, then we are happy to share with you this list of the top-class e-commerce development companies of Singapore.
8. Fingent
Fingent is a Software development and technology consulting company and leading face in e-commerce mobile app development.
Headed by Varghese Samuel, Fingent solves complex business challenges through enterprise web and mobile solutions.
They are vast technology and industry expertise enables them to collaborate with clients to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget.
They are with a team size of 275+ employees having offices around the US, Australia, and India.
9. Soft Suave
Ramesh and Manohar are the founders of the soft suave, it is the best and fastest-growing e-commerce mobile app development company in India.
With clients like amazon eCommerce app, they have delivered show their level of expertise and it also prescribed deeply about how suitable Soft Suave is for you.
Soft Suave also provides efficient solutions to different businesses right from small to medium companies.
The company has also developed a Web mobile App along with Cloud Computing and Legacy Modernization for amazon.
Soft suave consists of a team size of 150+ experts providing end-to-end IT Services and Solutions.
And the company comes under Fortune-500 across the USA, UK,  India and other few countries.  
10. Rightpoint
With technology within its core Rightpoint is the most suitable e-commerce mobile an app development company that you can opt for or choose to go ahead.
our projects are driven by insights, strategy, and technology they create impactful digital experiences
Rightpoint has 400+ employees across 10 offices to help clients succeed at the speed of innovation.
Integration of Raizlabs, Rightpoint now offers a foundation in designing and delivering mobile apps with thoughtful, technological solutions.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Technology Obsession in E-learning Embraces New Ideas!

In this competitive era everyone is struggling, rigorously continuously preparing them to fight for their space in this competition every other, to stay among above all either you must have something special inside you or would fail down every other stage of the competition every time.
Top E-learning App Development Company in India
E-learning App Development Company in India

So what could make you be ready to be compatible to the real demands regarding skill that you must poses, how you could improve your skillset, to match the current standards of talent concurrent to the real demand of today's competition.

E-Learning App Development Companies in India enabling new ways of nurturing curiosity.

In India e-learning might be new to the people around here, but the thing is, considering the scope and impact of e-learning is truly a game-changer for all the students and the future of India.
Whenever it comes to choosing the best education institute or universities, we always look for foreign universities. Which is fair enough since there is no any university or college in India which do have prominence in the world, we have so left with the only options which are out of India and among the top universities in the world.
Even talking about the most prominent universities IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is not even in the list of the top universities in the world by saying this my concern here is that to have that top-level education in India.
It is still a hell kind of job, barely you could find an appropriate teacher or a quality institute, tutors available for you that is why E-Learning App Development Companies in India are doing the best job and contributing towards the of the students in India.

M learning App Development Services are reinforcing a favorable environment for students.

In that same frame the e-learning, or we can say the m-learning could make you better learner for life, as it is capable in delivering you the best knowledge, updated information factual and real data based animated videos and content of the context or the topic for the student gathering from E-learning app or the m-learning app.
Hence, the M-learning App Development Services are indirectly and deeply impacting the society in terms of upgrading students in India which is indeed needful for the growth of the country. Because a well-developed student regarding knowledge, skills, and mindset can take his/her country to the new heights of growth by helping the country touching new milestones of development with his/ her new ideas or inventions.
So what makes e-learning technology so special and compatible tool for the growth of a student's overall development, or how an m-learning technology is really influencing. The availability of the latest content and explanatory videos make the e-learners understand the concepts better. Even the content is built with deep research and analysis to give the learners able to touch the real dimensions of the topic.

Monday, 16 December 2019

How to find the Best Web Design and Mobile Apps Development Company in Singapore?

Suffering from the growing stage this modern era everyone is struggling to boost up with its full potential to fetch each other's bread and butter with the rise of technology, many web design and development company in Singapore made mhealth care to make its niche in the Healthcare industry.

Best Mobile App Development Company in Singapore
Mobile App Development Company 

Recently doctors act their patients through apps, or it easy for patients to have on-time reminders for medicine & regular or health check-up. 

The attention business is low, hence the mobile healthcare web design and development company in Singaporehave developed technology can be coupled to formulate an innovative platform that will help doctors and patients. Today, health-aware individuals think about apps to remain fit and healthy. Further, the apps and mobile technology create it simple for hospital management to take care of the stock of medicines, operational instruments. 

The current scenario improved by Web development company Singapore with their mhealth Apps

With mobile app becomes simple for the Hospital management workers. shares impacting the current way of health care. Medical professionals and surgeons often become overstressed simply because of the work pressure and the kind of critical condition they need to handle in hospitals and clinics.

Increasing the stress level interferes with their efficiency and performance. This is exactly where mHealth apps can play a highly positive role. These apps, providing the medical professionals and the doctors all the timely and precise information about the patient's condition, can ensure a more organized and smarter approach to treatment. 

Another crucial advantage for mHealth apps is that the paperless and good medical documentation that they'll access anytime and anyplace. From physician prescriptions to test reports to chronological medical readings to diet chart and lifestyle suggestions, all of these can be well maintained in a paperless manner through medical apps. 

Thanks to mHealth apps, medical tests and examinations have been completely revolutionized. These apps offer never-before ease and convenience of conducting medical examinations and health tests with the flexibility of producing medical reports in real-time through the mobile device. 

Except for the critical tests and examinations, most of the day to day medical tests now can be carried out right through the mobile devices. From checking pulse rate and heartbeat rate to checking other regular health quotients, mHealth apps offer the smartest approach to medical tests. 

The popularity of mobile apps has multiplied no sooner, with the power to transfer data associated with health business anytime, anywhere According to the standard regulated by the World Health Organization, mHealth apps can only be characterized grossly with a variety of attributes instead of a single and unifying definition for the same.

Grossly speaking, mHealth apps allow providing healthcare and medical care services through Smartphone apps, wearable health tracking devices, personal digital assistants and other portable and wearable network-capable gadgets. 

As for explaining the benefits of mHealth apps, here we are going to showcase the principal benefits and key advantages of mHealth apps.

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